Facebook Stream for Android

Facebook Stream for Android it´s a new client for Facebook with advanced features.
For instance it allows you to:
– Open at vey high speed the home pages
– visualize any item of facebook (comments, albums, pictures, events,…)
– visualize and insert your „likes“ about practicaly anything (pictures, posts, comments, notes,…)
– visualize and insert a tag in face detection pictures (very easy and precise feature)
– create new events
– answer to events invitations
– visualize who´s taking part in an event and who´s not
– notifications
– management of your own pages
– support the Black theme (with a huge energy save for Galaxy S) as well as the White one
– app2sd (please note: once you activate it, the automatical start at the boot of the operating system won´t work)
– make an advance research of users, posts, events, pages or groups
– delete any post from your wall (please note: due to the limitations imposed by Facebook, that is possible only if the post was formerly created by the same app)
– visualize and create new checkins

The program is free of any charge and supported also by Ads.

Supported languages: english, spanish, german, italian
If you would like to have this program translated in your language, please contact me per e-mail (writing either in English or Italian) and help me translate it.

Special thanks to the all the translators:
– en,de,es: HerCapo
– en: Hakarune
– pt-br: Marcio de Andrade, Twitter: @marciozomb13
– hu: Peter G.
– da: Ole I Christensen
– es: Wackorp (wackorp@hotmail.com)
– zh-TW: Orson Wang (orsonwang@gmail.com)

Facebook Stream for Android does not manipulate in any way your data
obtained through the requests to the Facebook servers.

These data are transmitted directly from the Facebook server to your device
through encrypted HTTPS/SSL connections without intermediary passages.

The downloaded data will be used exclusively to be visualised internally
within this application and will not be in any case shared or sold to third

In addition, this application will not send messages, photos, comments,
check-in or other, without your explicit request.